Thursday, October 15, 2009

A little glitz

The weather has been so nice that I decided to do my burn drawings outside on the patio, which worked out great. I could hear the crickets, even in the daytime, and it sort of set a rhythm for me to make the burn marks. It was really pleasant and I don't have to deal with the smoke in the house. I wonder how long I'll be able to do this.

Here's an example of what I'm doing. This is a drawing I did in NY on a lightweight drawing paper. The paper doesn't take any water-based medium without buckling. I'd like to mount the drawings on black with gold leaf and not have glass over them. So I've started doing them on watercolor paper, which makes a darker burn so it looks different than this. The framing will be important so I think I'm going to go to a framer and get some opinions.

I heard the weather in the east is just horrible. Snow in CT, gray and dark and dreary in NY. I almost feel guilty enjoying the sunshine.


A Girl Can Always Dream said...

I really like this. As far as the framing is concerned, I am a big fan of no glass or plexi in my own work but always find it a special challenge to protect the work too. How are you handling that?


donna said...

Hi Jessi,

That's why the watercolor paper will work better- I coated it with Golden's GAC 400 gel medium, which is used for stiffening fabric, but which I like because it stiffens the paper, protects it from moisture, and doesn't have a shiny, plastic-y look. I could use a heavier paper, but it would be harder to burn through it, it wouldn't be as lacy looking.

cfinkle said...

"The weather has been so nice that I decided to do my burn drawings outside on the patio." Now, that's not a sentence you hear everyday.

I love this D. If you keep making beautiful stuff like this, I guess we'll have to allow you to keep your nice weather.

The real Chuck Finkle