Sunday, February 23, 2014

fighting the doldrums

February. Isn't it the worst month? That's why Valentine's Day is during February. What else can you do but wait for spring? Of course Valentine's Day can be pretty awful- if you're in a relationship there's a lot of pressure. If you're not, you feel left out. But a day dedicated to love seems important and breaks up the month a bit.

Here in Santa Fe, we are in a terrible drought. We haven't had much snow, maybe an inch or two, since before Christmas. And the spring winds are starting- which kicks up the pollen, which started being released early this year, because of the warmth and dryness. The longer I live here the more I am susceptible to allergies- juniper in particular, and that's what's flying around now. You know how you look out at the New Mexico landscape and you see these green bushes all over the place?

The culprit

Anyway. I will be posting good photos of our "All the News" exhibit soon, but meanwhile here is a link to a wonderful article, one of three that were published around the time of the opening.

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