Saturday, July 12, 2008

3 AM

I have a habit of sometimes waking up at 3 AM and not being able to fall back asleep till 6 AM. It's like clockwork. Last night there was a lot of noise outside at 3 AM- like someone vacuuming the entire campus (usually it's very quiet here.) So I decided to go online and poke around.

I googled my name and discovered that the other Donna Ruffs were moving up in the google standings, but my website was still the first listing. I also discovered something really great, this blog entry.

Gotta love the internets!


Tina said...

It's fun reading about your impressions of life in Santa Fe and what you're actually doing. This way I can stay in touch without interrupting your day


elan said...

Hello......I'm so glad you bumped into my post of your gorgeous work on my blog! It's also funny that another friend of yours has bumped into it and also happens to know my husband.......funny ways life overlaps. Very cool that you're doing a residency in SF. I lived in ABQ for a couple of years. Love the area. Great place for a residency.
I wonder if you will be posting any of your work as you're creating it during your residency?