Friday, July 11, 2008


Most mornings I go for a walk around the College of Santa Fe campus, where sfai is located. It's a pretty campus, not in the Princeton ivy kind of way, but it's open and nicely landscaped, with some sculpture scattered here and there. You'd have to like the adobe style architecture to be happy here, because that is all there is. Even new buildings like the one we're in refers to the vernacular, and everything is low-rise.

This morning the clouds are low. They're sitting on the mountains and seem within reach above me. I always see rabbits on my walks, and lots of birds- robins mostly, but also some little wrens (I assume) and big black birds- crows, maybe, or grackles. I've seen one prairie dog so far- they're cute little fellas, bigger than a meercat but in that family. At least I think they're bigger, since I've never seen a meercat.

We were told last night that there were 8 comped tickets to the vernissage of Art Santa Fe, and that there was a dinner, so the 8 visual artists got to go hobnob with the art glitterati of Santa Fe (free food!.) There was no dinner, unless you consider a tray of maybe 20 tiny crostini of various sorts being brought around on a semi-regular basis and a glass of champagne dinner. A few of us decided to loiter where the trays were coming out, but the waiters caught on and started taking a swift turn in the other direction. Not being a regular at these things, I wondered why anyone would pay $75 to go see what they could see for $8 on the following day, but obviously it's not about economy, or I should say it IS about economy, but in a very different way.

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