Saturday, July 26, 2008

around the compound

Something I notice whenever I'm out doing errands or whatever is that there are a lot of big cars and trucks here, as well as a lot of Prius' like mine. The trucks take up a lot of room in the parking spaces, and I've already gotten a little dent on my car from someone opening a door on it. I do not feel sorry for these people who are moaning about gas prices. You really see the smackdown in communities here. There is so much stuff to buy- today I went over to the Plaza and meandered around the Spanish Art Fair (like the Sono Art Fair in Norwalk, but with 80% of the artisans showing religious art.) But where we are located on campus, we're closer to the Walmart and the Smith's grocery store is indicative of local tastes, not those of the newcomers'.

I'm posting a few photos that I took before open studios of my studio, all cleaned-up like. I can see that requiring artists to take part in the open studios is a major motivator for some, since all of a sudden everyone's studio had finished work in it. The next day the residency director, Gabe, took some photos of me for their files. This weekend there is no hot water and this is the third time it's gone out. We may not get it back till Monday. I'm going to try not to sweat, but a cold shower is better than none.

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