Monday, July 21, 2008

time out

I was in Chicago this past weekend for my cousin's wedding and came back yesterday in utter exhaustion. I will say this for Albuquerque airport: it's civilized. I parked my car in a long term lot where there is a van that meets you AS YOU ARE PARKING YOUR CAR and a friendly driver who puts your suitcase in the van and takes you immediately to the airport. You are given a card with your space number on it, so when you return you give the driver this card, and the process is reversed. Fee: $4 a day.

We're having open studios Thursday night which has me in a slight panic mode. Everything I've got is in process, the encyclopedia has taken many hours of my time here, so I'm trying to get a lot done in the next three or four days. There's a lecture on campus tonight by some ethno-videographers (I made that word up.)

More c-types, on Japanese paper today just for fun to see how they look.

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Alana said...

would love to know what you thought of the documentary we saw.

Could you do a post on that?
Do you do posts by request?