Sunday, August 10, 2008

dog hike

In continuing this day which started on a freaky note, I came across two dogs while hiking, both of which (both of whom? don't know the proper word) had different colored eyes. They weren't border collies, they were Australian Shepherds. While I huffed and puffed and hung onto the switchback path for dear life, chihuahuas, elderly ladies, girls in sundresses, and runners passed me by. I found that a walking stick is essential, especially for those of us with FEAR OF HEIGHTS. It was beautiful today- I could appreciate the scenery while hyperventilating.

When I came back, I passed a policewoman coming out. Turned out a resident's car was stolen last night. I wondered if a Prius can be hotwired, but I don't want to find out if it can. Poor guy. What a nightmare.

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