Friday, August 29, 2008

tape cactus

It took me hours to take down the wall piece. Each tile had a piece of masking tape looped on the back, so as I was peeling them off and sticking them together in a ball, I decided it might be fun to make a sculpture out of it. I've been thinking about cholla cacti, and a friend here cut a couple of pieces of one for me to take home. He came into the kitchen pulling stickers out of his hand. When they dry, they make a sort of pattern, and I have no idea how long it will take for them to dry. I put them in a bag with my other outdoor treasures- a stone from India (I bought that one) and a pine cone from my hike.

Today Ellen and I went to see Georgia O'Keefe's house. We drove out to Abiquiu and were picked up by a shuttle that takes you to the house, as if we're going to some secret location or something. As it turns out, the house can be seen from the road if you know where to look. You were not allowed to take anything with you except keys and a bottle of water. No purse, camera, pencil and paper to sketch, nothing. It was lovely there, just as I imagined it to be, or as it is seen in photos and films of her. VERY spare. Everywhere there were spectacular views of the valley and mountains, framed by windows and doorways. It really was beautiful. I wish I could post a photo.

Instead, am posting a photo of the landscape in Abiquiu, in the mountains on the way to Ghost Ranch, where O'Keefe had another house, and which is now a conference center.

Tomorrow I am to leave here. Right now I feel dizzy and am hoping it's altitude and anxiety.

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A Girl Can Always Dream said...

Hi Donna. I love the tape cactus! Hope you have safe travels back to NY. I am in OH suddenly faced with the daily grind. Oh to be back in the dreamland of Santa Fe...