Thursday, August 21, 2008

not the next vp

We went out after open studios tonight to a restaurant near the statehouse and Gov. Richardson was having a party. He goes there a lot, they say.

On the way out, we saw him at his car (Black Cadillac Esplanade- get a hybrid, Bill!) I called out, "Hey Governor!" He smiled and waved. I don't expect him to be named Obama's running mate- for one thing, he wouldn't be hanging around here in town. And what's up with that, anyway? I thought Obama was going to announce it yesterday.

I couldn't take a photo but am posting one. He still has a beard, nicely trimmed. Brown suit, wife by his side. She's a petite dark-haired woman, pleasant looking.

The pol's are swarming in New Mexico. Today John Dean made an appearance at a shopping center. Barack was here the other day, and McCain was in Las Cruces yesterday. Lots of political TV ads, for McCain mostly, but they show only Obama in them. Strange marketing strategy. I have been watching almost no TV- just the Olympics for a few nights.

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