Saturday, August 16, 2008

sun sets on the city different

I can't imagine that you'd ever get tired of seeing the sunsets here. Last night, driving back to sfai after a storm, the sky was spectacular. I didn't have a camera with me, so I looked in google images for "santa fe sunset" and found a bunch, but this one came closest to what I saw last night.

I found a few images in an online article called "How a Visit to Santa Fe New Mexico Just Might Change Your Life." Then followed one story after another of people who have found their bliss here. It's becoming a cliche, really. The traffic is horrendous and development spreads further and further, connected by really ugly commercial roads. I don't know how this will continue, as it seems the city is stretching to its limit. When I came back one of the writers from New Orleans was ranting about Santa Fe- he doesn't like it at all, and thinks it's the most racist place he's ever been. White, Native American, Hispanic, each thinks they've got The Answer and looks down on the others.

I've been enjoying it, but the Santa Fe I loved from 20 years ago doesn't exist at all. Every weekend there is another shopping opportunity. This weekend, the ethnographic art fair. Next weekend, the giant Indian Market. Hold onto your cowboy hats.

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