Saturday, August 2, 2008

lucky seven

Tina and I went to the Biennial today and we were both surprised at how much we enjoyed it. You really have to make the commitment to spend some time, because there is a lot of video showing the artists and their processes, and we came away with the sense that Lance Fung accomplished what he set out to do, which is do a biennial that was inclusionary rather than exclusionary, create a community amongst the artists, and that was very specific to Santa Fe. Some work is far more successful than others. We loved a video that was a diptych of a close-up of a local person talking about their favorite place here and beautifully shot footage of the place, or something having to do with what they were saying.

I found a video of Rose Simpson from the panel I wrote about last month (see "the local and the global" under July postings) It's short, worth watching- especially for those of us who really don't have contact with an indigenous community and only see them when trying to buy stuff from them. I'm thinking of one person in particular, but that person wouldn't be reading my blog anyway. I think you'll see what I was referring to in that post by watching this little piece.

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